High Rise Demise is a neo-noir thriller, lit by the neon jungle of Hong Kong.

Music written and recorded by Pink Sky. “When We Exist” on Meditations.

New Trance was written and Recorded by Bronze Wolf

Adrift, in an emotional state, – just trying to find one’s way: This film depicts a personal connection with the public spaces we all share. Individually a part of one’s personal journey, yet perused by and related to everyone in such varied ways.

Nathaniel Mohi
Stela Dara Resende Albuquerque
Ahmed Abdulaziz
Talia Brown
Leila Morad

An inspiring glimpse into the art and process of ceramic artist Kate Lewis. Hardworking and full of wisdom, Kate navigates life with a sense of purpose and patience, some of the things the wheel has taught her.

Find Kate online at katelewisceramics.com/

Music composed by Ejnar Videbæk of Red Head Recordings

Dancer Yuka Oba of the Grand Rapids Ballet explores the idea of our resistance to nature and what happens when we overcome our fear to find peaceful harmony, with original music by Bronze Wolf.

Shot on expired Kodak 16mm film by cinematographer John Hanson.

Eric Tempelaere of Bronze Wolf composed the beautiful song used for the project. Find more of his work at bronzewolfmusic.com

Special thanks to Ken Schmidt for donating the Kodak film.

En Plein Air is a series of short films that follow artist Loralee Grace on her travels around the world. This film will take you on a journey through the incredible landscape and wildlife of Glacier National Park.

Featuring Artist Loralee Grace loraleegrace.com

Music by Jarrod Wood

Painter Nicholas Szymanski shares thoughts about his work as we enter his studio and catch a glimpse of his painting process.

View more of Nicholas’s work at nicholas-szymanski.com

Music by Pluto Monday plutomonday.bandcamp.com

New Ruins follows sculptor Ivan Tokić around his beautiful multifunctional art park, Nove Starine. Situated on the side of a mountain, nestled in the forests of Solin, Croatia, it sits host to many activities, including a sculpture workshop, volunteer camp, and sustainable “instinct agriculture”. The area is rich with roman ruins made out of limestone. As a sculptor, Ivan is contributing to the new ruins of Solin. The kind of work that will last ages.

Learn more about this inspiring place at novestarine.com
Or follow online at facebook.com/nove.starine.solin

Original Music by Pluto Monday plutomonday.bandcamp.com

AB stumbles out of his known life into the unknown, is it fate or mastery of time? You never know who you will meet in the dark streets.

Learn more at EverythingAB.com